” I recently came across Pearl Zen’s herbal hemp tea and could not be happier. I look forward to the
soothing and calming feeling that it brings with each sip. Do yourself a favor and give this tea a try! “

J Murray

“ I have seen 5 docs with a itching for over 3 years all with different diagnosis. I knew they were all
wrong but couldn’t get any help. Saw Pearl Zen at a vendor (Christmas) in Wenatchee. Within 2 days
it was subsiding and almost totally gone as long as I take my drops in the morning! thank you! “

Ann Treischel

“ Today at Wenatchee Apple Blossom’s Art in the Park, I discovered the most amazing booth: Zen
Pearl and owner Joni Eller.. She makes natural CBD oils, balms, lotions, and teas. She put some
lotion that helps with pain on my back, and It was truly effective. “

Billi Kraft

” I have used Joni’s (Pearl Zen) CBD products for five years and experienced relief with each problem. Joni’s products are clean and clearly labeled. I highly recommend others to try her products and contact her through her website if relief is not experienced. She is willing to help with suggestions. Joni has suggested to me what is best and what to try for a particular problem. She has spent time learning what products are best for what ailments. Her research, knowledge and desire to help others is admirable! “

Georgia B

” I have all three of my old dogs on the CBD oil & I have been able to take them off the medication they were taking. I love the Pocket Pal. It is a miracle worker when I have a migraine. I apply it to my temples & before I know it my migraine is gone. I also use the CBD hand & body lotion which is very soothing. I think all of the Pearl Zen products are wonderful. “

Denise C

” The best way to describe my experience in using this CBD oil and other products is “trust”. I know this is a good quality product and I don’t have to be concerned about unwanted additives with this product. The oil and other products are top quality and made with care and knowledge of the ingredients. I have and will continue to recommend this product to others, in my knowledge it is just the best. We all deserve that! “

Jan R

” I am a fan of Pearl Zen’s CBD. I am a 58-year-old male and have taken 15mg of CBD in the evening for the last few years. It helps the condition in my hands tremendously (especially in cold weather) as well has helping me get a good night’s sleep. It’s very affordable and effective.”

Cole H

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